How to See Every Show: Fringe Schedule

Can’t decide which shows to go see? Why not see them all!!! Here’s a listing of a schedule that gets you to every show:


A Perfectly Wonderful Evening 7-8:20pm
Empire of Feathers 830-10pm

Cemetery Golf 7-815pm
Incredulity 9-940pm
The Terrorism of Everyday Life 945-1045

Call Me 6-8pm x30
No Stranger Than Home 7-8pm
Painted 815-905pm
It Might Be OK 930-1030pm

The Gayer Show 66 Years of Faggotry 2-3pm
Body Language II: Phys. Ed. 315-405pm
Guns and Chickens 6-650pm
Cinema Fantastique 7-750pm
Villainy 8-9pm
7 (x1) Samurai 915-10pm

Gravesongs 2-3pm
Four Wishes 315-410pm
4 Food Groups 5-545pm
Brother Bailey’s Pageant of Moral Superiority and Creation Science Jamboree 7-810pm
Travel 830-915pm

The Success Show 8-850pm

Where Drunk Men Go: A Poem with Music 730-840pm

Assholes and Aureoles 7-755pm
Bibliography of Love 845-930pm

April Fools 730-820pm
The Edge 830-925pm

Free at Last and Confused in the Land of Good and Evil 7-830pm
KAZ/m 9-10pm

Kevin Thorton’s Sex,Dreams, and Self Control! 430-6pm
The Secrets Project 730-830pm
Jacques Brel Lonsome Losers of the Night 845-1015pm

If you are tech savvy, here is a Google calendar with the full schedule imported and attached below is a CSV file that can be used to import to your Google or other Calendar too.