Great Moments from the Festival

Some off-kilter picks of my own from the festival:


  • Show that gets better in my mind as the festival goes on. 4 Food Groups. Every time I redo my top 10 list, this show moves up my list. It defies gravity.
  • Second Most Disturbing Food Moment from the Festival. The devouring of the onion heart in The Success Show.
  • Best Recurring Joke. Karaoke at the Know. I Believe I Can Fly. Enough said.
  • Best Marketing. Waves on Waves’ Kevin Thornton. He knows how to pack them in, and he delivers once you get there. Kudos.
  • Musical I want to see more of. Jacques Brel’s Lonesome Losers of the Night. The trimmed version just whetted my appetite. I want to see it all.
  • New company to watch. Genesis Ensemble. Based on their The Secrets Project, this company has huge potential.
  • Best depiction of Writer’s Block. KAZ/m, by the ever-dependable Performance Gallery.
  • Biggest Surprise. Free at Last… I’m still confused by some of the imagery. This combination of African-American history, political provocation, and horror movie (!) veers back and forth between so many notions of reality, I still don’t have a handle on it.