An Extra Slice of Crazy

So this is the fourth day of shows and everything seems to be going so well. I am hearing some awesome things about the shows. This is my second year as the volunteer manager and it’s been great! I want to thank all of the volunteers, you guys are the life blood of the festival and you all ROCK! There are a couple of people that I want to give a shout out to since they are showing themselves to be Superstar Volunteers! One is Brett Butler, he has done 5 courier shifts back to back and is going to sign up for more next week!!! He is our courier extraordinaire! The other person is Ilan Kaim, he was already to be a bar host for 5 nights He came to the bar series thursday night when we were short a bar host and hopped in and filled in that shift too! He deserves a big thanks! so…THANKS! Ilan!

really our are volunteers are Fringe-Tabulous!!! we love you all!