About Us

We're not from Mars, we just live in Cincinnati. There is this hole in the local media landscape. We're trying to fill it, and we have just the right size back end to get the job done. We bring you opinions and facts about the places, events, ideas, and people in the City that we find worth your time.

We are a group blog.

We are a guide to living, thinking, doing in the City.

We are a selective calendar of the events in the City.

Now the dry stuff:
Mission: TheConveyor.com is a website that brings urban life to Cincinnati, advocates urban living & lifestyle, and accentuates culture. Its focus is to convey the positive facets of the city, while maintaining an independent voice by emphasizing constructive criticism.

Values: TheConveyor.com seeks to be inclusive to the audience, but exclusive as to content. It is Metropolitan, Cosmopolitan, and a conduit to experience.

Structure: TheConveyor.com consists of daily commentary in blog format, reviews, features, a guide to city living/lifestyle/Culture, original fiction, and a selective calendar listing.

Target/Demographics: TheConveyor.com appeals to 25 to 45 year olds, but is not limited to age or socio-economic status. It focuses on active "youngish" singles and those not tied down by definition.

Content: TheConveyor.com has open content, but focuses on: Local Music, Theatre, Dining, Arts, Living- Residential, Retail, Community, The Scene, Sports, and Local Books/Blogs/Literature. It is neighborhood specific: Downtown, Northside, Over-the-Rhine, Clifton-Gaslight-Jefferson, Clifton Heights/Corryville, Mt. Adams, Mt. Lookout, Hyde Park, Newport, Oakley, Covington, Pleasant Ridge, Columbia/Tusculum.